Start a Home Based Business Collecting Gold and Silver

If you had a home based business collecting Gold and Silver, how profitable would that business be over time? My guess, pretty darn profitable.If you are looking to create wealth for yourself by starting a home based business, you will want to start doing what the wealthy do.So what does the wealthy do to make money that the average people don’t do? Well for one they diversify. They have multiple streams of income, not just one Different income streams allow them more control over their time and money.The wealthy also use leverage in order to get paid on the efforts of many people rather than just their own. They also accumulate valuable assets. Assets that historically are worth more and more over time.What assets have been pursued by man throughout history? What assets have created empires and lead to the expansion of entire nations? What assets continue to interest investors from every corner of the planet? Well, that would be Gold and Silver.We know that mankind has always been fascinated with these 2 precious metals,and in today’s market with the continued devaluation of the dollar, the value of these metals continue to go up, and that is good news for starting a home based business collecting gold and silver. More specifically, gold and silver coins.Now everyone knows you can buy gold and silver coins, but do you know what kind of silver and gold coins have exceeded the value of the bullion metal itself? They are called numismatic silver and gold coins. Numismatic basically means the study and collection of money.So what’s the difference between a bullion coin and a numismatic coin? Well unlike a silver bullion coin which is circulated into the general public. A silver numismatic coin is a minted uncirculated coin, sealed, certified and graded, by a third party grading company, as to it’s value, which is determined by the metal it contains, rarity, demand, and condition of the coin.Let’s look at an example.A circulated bullion 2009 silver eagle coin is worth about $20.00. An uncirculated 2009 numismatic certified and graded MS70 coin is worth about $125.00. Here is another example. A circulated bullion 1997 silver eagle coin is still worth about $20.00. An uncirculated1997 numismatic, certified and graded MS70 coin today is worth $500.00. Now do you see the value in collecting numismatic certified, graded coins?The numismatic coin industry is now a 10 billion dollar a year business, and 100 billion a year world wide.You now have the opportunity to build a valuable collection of numismatic silver and gold coins, and make money while doing it. Hey if you are going to collect something, it might as well be money right?So how do you turn collecting valuable numismatic coins into a profitable home based business? Well one company has combined coin collecting with Network Marketing.With this business model, you can automatically receive a perfect numismatic coin every month and use the leverage of other people’s efforts to build a long term monthly income. Wouldn’t you rather be “paid 1% on the efforts of 100 people, rather than 100% of your own.” Warren Buffet would, he is the one who said it.The benefit of silver and gold coins over the traditional network marketing product, is the fact that gold and silver will never lose it’s value, and traditionally gains value over time. Even if you never bring anyone into the business, 5 years from now your net worth will be considerably more, because of the accumulation of 5 years worth of numismatic gold and silver coins.This is a business that is unique in it’s conception. It shows people how to build a life time of residual income, plus it can develop a Self-funding Savings Plan that builds true wealth with Silver and Gold collectible Coins. You may want to find out more about this business.

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